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Track and manage your order

Delivery delays

We are currently experiencing delays which could impact your delivery date.  We are working to get your order completed as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

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Manage your order

Check the status of your order online. You will need your order number as well as the email or phone number you used to complete the order. If you used your IKEA Family login when making your purchase, you can also see all your previous orders.

  • Track online order – track an online order and the status of the delivery.
  • Order details – such as items purchased, time purchased, delivery information, estimated arrival of delivery etc.
  • Download receipt for store orders.
  • Reschedule delivery.

Understand your order status

Thank you for completing your order. Here's what happens next.

Preparing order

We have received your order and will process it as soon as possible. You can still cancel an order and change the delivery date.

Picking order

Your order is being processed and completed. It's too late to cancel the order, but you can return any unwanted item once you receive it. Learn more about our Return Policy.

Preparing delivery

Your order is on its way.

On its way

Your order has been sent from our dispatcher and is on its way to you.


Your order has been successfully delivered.

How can we help you?

Want to check the status of your order? Want to know how to return a product? We can help.