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What’s new in the IKEA range

Make the most of your summer evenings

Entertain in style with minimalist dinnerware and our new Bluetooth speaker lamp with Spotify Tap™ playback that streams your favorite tracks.

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An OMBONAD grey wine glass and goblet are on a table with OMBONAD napkins, plates and linen tablecloth.
A VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp stands on a tiled part of an outdoor area near a wall with the shadow of a couple on it.
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Give your home a new lease of life

Our latest range includes airy bed linens that come in linen packaging and calming scented candles with notes from nature.

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A white DYTÅG duvet cover linen packaging bag is on a green chair in a pink bedroom with shadows on the wall.
ADLAD, HEDERSAM and ENSTAKA scented candles in jars stand on a marbled surface with flower-shaped shadows.
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ANLEDNING collection – all you need to make your party pop