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Duvet cover sets

Comfort for a good night's sleep is what counts most when it comes to duvet cover sets. Choose your favorite duvet cover (and matching pillowcases!) based on your personal preference. Explore a variety of extra soft materials, like densely woven cotton percale, to help you find what suits you best. We also have a wide range of styles too, so you can go for what you like today and change it whenever you fancy.

Wrapping yourself up in a fresh, soft bedding there a better feeling? We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping, which means we spend a lot of time cuddled up in our duvet cover sets. That makes your choice of bed linen particularly significant. All our bedding sets are soft against your skin, because snug material is essential for peaceful slumber. Our sets also come in multiple styles to suit your bedroom. They’re also ‘breathable’, which helps you maintain a steady body temperature throughout night.

Bedding sets in different materials

In our selection of bedding sets, you can choose between different materials and styles. All the materials we use in our duvet cover sets are kind to your skin, setting you up for a truly dreamy night’s sleep – but some of our bedding set materials also have specific advantageous which might make them particular suited to you.

Cotton bedding sets

Cotton bedding sets woven from pure cotton feel wonderful against your skin and actually gets softer with every wash! This makes cotton bed sets especially durable. Cotton bedding also breathes well, which is to say that it absorbs moisture and keeps you dry. Some of our cotton bedding sets even have concealed press studs that help keep the quilt in place – a great bonus if you tend to toss and turn in bed.

Mixes of polyester and cotton

Looking for duvet cover sets that are easy to take care of? In that case, a mix of polyester and cotton could be a great choice. Bedding sets in this blend resist wrinkling and creasing and don’t shrink. Comfy in bed, safe in the washing machine – polyester and cotton bed sets continue to look sleek and vibrant for a long.

Sateen-woven bed linen sets in lyocell and cotton

Sateen-woven bed linen sets made in a blend of lyocell and cotton are extremely soft and silky against your skin, but they also have glow and luster. This material blend draws moisture away from your body by absorbing it, which keeps you dry all night. Sateen-woven bed sets take luxury to the next level, ensuring you enjoy a plush and dreamy night of pleasant sleep.

Linen duvet cover sets

Linen has natural fibers that create small subtle variations in the surface. This makes the texture of the cover set distinctive with a matte luster. Aside from the distinctive look, linen also absorbs moisture and breathes well – helping you stay comfortable and relaxed with a steady body temperature while sleeping. Linen bed sets are a popular choice which provide a unique, crisp feeling.

Thread count

To help you choose the best bedding set for you, we’ve shared the thread count on each bedding set. The thread count tells you the amount of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the more densely woven the fabric. This results in a softer feeling. Some people are very sensitive to thread counts, and will need a higher thread count for optimal comfort.