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Growing plants indoors made easy

Did you know that if you take good care of your house plants, they’ll take care of you too? Aside from making homes look pleasant, science says indoor plant benefits include boosting your well-being, reducing stress, and helping with creativity. Give love back to your little green friends by following these simple indoor plant care tips. 

A table prepped for potting plants, plenty of green plants in pots, the IKEA catalogue, and soil on newspaper pages.
A table prepped for potting plants, plenty of green plants in pots, the IKEA catalogue, and soil on newspaper pages.

Consider the amount of sunlight your indoor space gets

Consider the amount of sunlight your indoor space gets Daylight can be a very limited resource in a home. To figure out what plants will work in your indoor space, consider the amount of sunlight the area gets daily. Our plant labels show whether a plant needs shade, indirect light, or full sun to help you choose the best indoor plant option for your needs. For plants that do require full sun, choose a spot in your house where you can place it on top of something, like a high shelf.

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A black SENAPSKÅL deco greenhouse with herbs in it sitting on high glass shelf by a window.
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How often do indoor plants need to be watered?

Good news, our plant labels have water drop icons as guides to help you know how much water each plant requires.

  1. One drop means minimal watering is required: once a week or every second or third week, depending on the plant.
  2. Two drops mean water once or twice week, while being sure not to leave standing water in the collecting dish beneath your planter or pot.
  3. Three drops indicate plants that need more care: watering two to three times a week, with no dryness in the top layer (1/2") of soil. Self-watering pots with smart inserts can do the job, too.


  • Skip watering if soil sticks to your thumb.
  • Grouping plants that have the same watering schedule can help to make sure you don’t miss out on one. Plus, they make for a beautiful and lush display.

Plants thrive in the right pot

In general, plants don’t need to be repotted within the first year. You can keep them in the planter they came with and place them in outer pots for a more customized look. That’s where the fun comes in! Choose plant pots in different colors and styles to mix and match and place them around the house to up your decorating game. Regardless, a saucer is a plus because it helps to catch and drain excess water.

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Bright sunlight shining on a Pilea plant in a MUSKOTBLOMMA plant pot with saucer on a table.
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Happy leaves for a happy plant

In order to keep your green friends looking and feeling their best, you’ll want to gently wipe off their leaves with a damp cloth, every now and then. Plants that collect dust might not get the sunlight and nutrients they need.

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A large plant in a rattan KAKTUSFIKON plant pot beside a sofa with a throw hung on the edge.
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Which plant is easy to grow indoors?

Here are our Top 5 indoor plant recommendations, featuring easy to care for plants that require less sunlight and less attention when it comes to watering.

  1. TROPISK: A beautiful tropical plant perfect for a corner of your living room that only gets some filtered light
  2. SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA: AKA the snake plant, only requires water when the soil is dry.
  3. CACTACEAE: These cacti only need bright, indirect light, and low moisture
  4. DRACAENA CINTHO: Sensitivity to too much water means just occasionally mist the leaves & soil.
  5. HIMALAYAMIX: These lively plants only require indirect right light.

Grow your own food at home

Presenting: the magic of growing your own plants indoors! Simply take seeds from your fruits and vegetables, plant them in soil and watch them grow. With just water and light (and perhaps a bit of fertilizer for a little boost) – you can grow your own organic produce all year round – and save money at the same time.

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A child’s hands planting seeds in a BITTERGURKA plant pot, a PROPPMÄTT chopping board with cut paprika, a watering can.
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